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Rachael Kalaba is the creator and founder of ZamWILL, a women-led organization in Africa. She is an educator, blogger and activist. She has extensive work experience in international development and education in Africa; she has heavily been involved in several sustainable development and social justice organizations as a pro bono advisor, project lead, coordinator, and community mobilizer. Racheal believes in the power of education and sees herself as having a more prominent role in the economic and social development of the African continent. She is currently a graduate assistant with the Centre for Leadership and Diversity (CLD) at the University of Toronto, a Research Fellow and Research Assistant, and a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Education and International Development at OISE – University of Toronto. She holds a Master’s in Development Practice (MDP), Masters of Arts in Management, a Bachelor’s of Arts in Development, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Responsible Leadership and Management from The Swedish Institute Management Programme (SIMP). Racheal loves running, hiking, dancing, cooking, and reading.

Priscilla Chomba-Kinywa is a Digital Transformation strategist and ICT4D expert, with experience in technology and innovation spanning twenty years in over sixty countries in Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific. Priscilla has worked in both emergency and development contexts with various organisations including the UN World Food Programme, UNICEF, DanChurchAid and ActionAid International. She is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Greenpeace International. 


When she’s not working on digital transformation strategies for the some of the world’s largest non-profits and thinking about how technology can responsibly be used to solve global grand challenges, Priscilla enjoys mentoring young people, taking on adventurous physical pursuits and writing. Checkout Priscilla’s TEDxLusakaStudio Talk on Digital Rights on YouTube.

Stacy Douglas is an International Education Consultant. She has been designing and facilitating continuous professional development in education for close to 20 years. Stacy has extensive experience both within and outside of the traditional school day and settings. She has worked with educational institutions and nonprofits around the world including the NYC Board of Education, KIPP Foundation, TeachFirst, and PEAS Zambia heading up programs from science education to recruitment and hiring to managing a network of schools. Stacy worked with these organizations at the forefront of their innovative projects: inquiry science education, charter school network, alternative teacher certification, and Private-Public Partnerships. She also worked with the founders of smaller nonprofits such as Intention Education (IE) and Ras their start-up thought-partner and leadership development coach. She enjoys empowering others to fulfill their potential as it benefits the lives of children across the globe.


Stacy is a proud graduate of Hampton University and serves as the Corresponding Secretary for the New York Hampton Alumni Club. She enjoys travel, photography, and music.

Brighton Kaoma is a Zambian living and working in New York City, USA. He’s the current Global Director of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network- Youth Initiative. In the last 10 years, Brighton has been heavily involved in a number of youth social justice, climate, and entrepreneurship organizations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the USA as a pro-bono adviser, project manager, and executive director. In 2015 he was awarded the Queen’s Young Leaders award by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace for his exemplary leadership as a social entrepreneur and climate innovator. In 2016 he became the first African to win the Global WWF International President’s Award for pioneering innovation in the fight against climate change. In 2019 he was named among The Outstanding Young Persons of the World by the Emperor of Japan and Junior Chamber International (JCI) Osaka Chapter. Brighton is a Mandela Washington Fellow for Young African Leaders, Global Youth Ambassador of the Children’s Radio Foundation of South Africa, One Young World Ambassador, and former UNICEF Zambia Climate Ambassador. His work has also been recognised by President Barack Obama, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, UN Secretary General António Guterres, and Prince Harry among others. For 4 years, he served as Country Manager for the Children’s Radio Foundation of South Africa before joining World Wide Fund for Nature International (WWF) as a technical consultant for 10 Africa regional offices. He has consulted with municipalities and social entrepreneurs in Malmo, Sweden (Climate Policy), Hong Kong (Social Entrepreneurship), and Hawaii (Public Private Partnerships, Technology and Product design). He co-founded Impact Hub Lusaka and Karton Logistics in Zambia, among other ventures. Brighton holds the Masters of Public Administration (MPA) with Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University in the USA.

Natasha B. Museba is a practicing Lawyer with over 9 years’ experience in designing and implementing sustainable development solutions for both individuals and the environment through policy implementation, corporate governance, human rights advocacy, and climate action. She is a Human Rights Expert with practical experience in advancing the rights of children, local communities, and indigenous people. Natasha has worked with educational

institutions such as the University of Zambia where she served on as a volunteer Lecturer of Human Rights Law. She is also currently providing non-profit Mentorship and Support to the Counsel Council Fellowship, which brings together students of Law from nine (9) Universities across Zambia. She is currently serving as Co-Chair of the Local Communities and Indigenous

People Platform of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and she is a member of the Legal Support Team of the Africa Group of Negotiators on Climate Change.


Natasha is the Legal Counsel and Board Secretary of the Zambia Qualifications Authority a statutory body under the Ministry of Education, which regulates qualifications, and promotes quality in education, training and employment for all stakeholders through the Zambia Qualifications Framework.


Natasha is an advocate for the implementation of sustainable development goal number 4 (Quality Education) in Zambia and across Africa. She advocates for inclusiveness and equality in the attainment of the right to education for all. Natasha is a certified diplomat and a career coach who enjoys advocating for youth and vulnerable children to access quality education in order to attain their full potential in society and across the globe.


Natasha is a proud graduate of the University of Zambia where she attained her Bachelor of Laws Degree and of the University of Pretoria where she attained her Master of Laws in Human Rights and Democratization in Africa. Natasha is an Alumna of the University of Pretoria – Center for Human Rights, and she is an Author with a focus on human rights. Her most recent publication is a book titled “Persons with Cognitive Disabilities: Rights Protection”, 2017.

Lambert Academic Publishing.


Clara Kalaba, (Copperbelt Project Lead) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies and currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Gender and Development Studies. She is a gender practitioner and passionate about development work. Clara enjoys using her skills to contribute to sustainable development and helping improve the wellbeing of people.

Chibale Chisamu, (Ndola Mobilization Lead) holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Development Studies with a minor in Economics from the University of Zambia. Whilst pursuing my degree Chibale worked as a programs officer at Buumbalambo Foundation for The Children in Need. She also worked for Bayport Financial Institution. Chibale currently is a Socio-Economic Planner for the Kitwe City Council, where she constantly engages the community in different projects for the wellbeing of its members and improvement of their livelihoods. Why is Chibale an expert in her field? She is an inspiring public speaker, a mobilizer, a fast learner and eager to learn new ways of doing things.

Felistus Kassabila’s (Sports Development Lead) superpower is TEAMPLAYER, she works well as part of a team as well as on individual assignments. She has 8 years’ experience in Social Work. She believes that behind every successful person lays a vision. She possesses excellent communication skills. As an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that she undertakes, or situation. Felistus has devoted herself to the humanitarian aid and has dedicated her passion in her work to serve the vulnerable, minority and disadvantaged adolescent girls to provide a better socio-economic knowledge, alternatives and solutions. Her goal is to add a touch of brilliance and innovation to the NGO world and other institutions in Zambia through her social work skills and passion to create a better world through advocacy, policy and her passion. Felistus has been with Zamwill since 2015.

Lizzy Banda, (Training and Development Lead, Ndola) is a seasoned Spatial Planner, Environmental Planner and a passionate waste picker/sorter. She holds a Masters in Science Degree in Spatial Planning from the University of Zambia and a Bachelor’s degree in Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Management also obtained from the University of Zambia. She is currently a Climate Change Lecturer at Mukuba University and lectures natural resources and environmental management courses (include topics on Ecosystems services as well as restoration options). She also lectures human geography. Lizzy is passionate about attaining sustainable development in all sectors of the economy and is a strong advocate for increasing relevant research that favors, infrastructure, and human capital globally. She has participated in a number of student and professional conferences and research symposiums both locally and internationally where she presented research papers. She has also spearheaded waste audit research at the Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show for the pas t two years (2018 and 2019) and obtained sponsorship from HIVOS International and SPAR Zambia. This project resulted in her cofounding Sunshine Group Zambia and led to her and her team winning the 2020 UNDP THE ZAMBIA WASTE MANAGEMENT AND YOUTH INNOVATION CHALLENGE. She is currently coordinating this Point Gen Waste Sorting Project at the Lusaka show grounds and is closely working with various stakeholders in the waste management sector. Lizzy believes waste is a valuable resource and once properly managed can help restore ecosystems! She is a strong advocate of the Point Gen Waste Sorting Project which helps ensure pollution is reduced by encouraging the recycling of all recyclable materials. Lizzy promotes the creation of waste transfer stations in urban ecosystems instead of waste dumpsites.