What is ZAMWILL?

ZAMWILL is the Zambia Women’s Institute for Leadership and Learning.

We are a woamen led organization aiming to provide innovative entrepreneurship training, targeting skills in business management, technology and leadership development through mentorship and programming geared specifically for women by women of the African Diaspora.


What is ZAMWILL’s mission?

Our mission is to build a generation of empowered, skilled, innovative and assertive girls and young women for a better world.


What does ZAMWILL do?

ZAMWILL connects young women and girls to opportunities and pathways for leadership and growth. We also provide training for young people in entrepreneurial skills development and incubate innovative women-led ideas, projects and businesses.


ZAMWILL and the SDGs?

ZAMWILL partners with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Zambia to achieve the vision 2030, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 7th National Development Plan (7thNDP). Zambia focuses on the following areas:

Gender Equality

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


How can I be involved?Take a course.

Are you a young woman with an innovative idea? A budding social entrepreneur? A blossoming business-owner looking to expand? Sign up for training with ZamWILL and find a mentor to help you transition to your next level.


Become a mentor.

Your time and skills are valuable, why not donate them by mentoring a young Zambian woman as she builds her future and the future of her community.


Become a partner.

Donate to ZamWILL and change the live of young women and girls in Zambia. Your investment fuels the opportunities for girls and women to excel in business and improve outcomes for their communities.

Ready to make a change?